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Monday, November 30, 2009

Cause when you think Tim McGraw, I hope you think of me. (:
haven't updated for a long time! hahah omg i think i've been rather busy, but lazy too. ;D HAHAHA.

exams are starting in 1 month! omg hahah i really have to start studying soon. I have a lot of things to study this year. gahh. :/ jiayou me! (and everyone else :D)

watched 4 movies over the past few days omg hahah! i'm slacking too much! Princess Protection Program, Another Cinderella Story, 17 again, and Air Force One. Hahah all were great movies! Selena Gomez is such a great actress omg! hahaha ;D and Air Force One was really really good. The whole plot was so marvellously crafted, and i can't believe the script was written in like just 2 weeks. hahah there were ups and downs and parts of high tension and everything. it was a great movie (:

US Open has started! Go Federer, he's through to the third round, if i'm not wrong, he's going to be playing tmr. ;D

OHOH and Fisichella has joined Ferrari! :D HAHAHA OMG SO COOL ;D but i was quite shocked at his decision because he's now going from being an important driver for Force India to being a reserve driver (for next year, that is) for Ferrari, which won't be such a good idea i guess, but nevermind, at least we have a point scoring driver at the wheel for the rest of the season. Not saying that Luca Badoer sucks, but hee's been out of racing for way too long i guess. GO FERRARI!

HAHAHA and one more thing, Chelsea is like screwed! they can't buy players until like, 2010! which means they can't buy during January's transfer window, and next year's summer. :D HAHAHHA OMGGGG this rocks! it was their fault anyway. :D


Saturday, September 5, 2009


finally, three weeks of crazy rushing, crazy studying for tests, projects, ACE, and everything is OVER! I have a week of rest (sabbaticals) before I start out with my hardcore mugging for exams :D hahaha (: Looking forward to mugging, for some reason. (: hahaha!

These three weeks have been quite crazy. Slept past my bedtime on like 75% of the days, i think. Which is quite bad because i usually sleep at 11.30 sharp. hahah its been tiring, but thank god this period is over (: Almost gave up in the middle, but i held on. I bounced back! (:

y'know, although its cliche, the most important thing is still your mindset. On tuesday i was feeling really bad and down and everything, because at that point the past 2 papers i got were papers which i screwed up in, chinese and geography. So this affected my physics i guess, and i don't think i did really well, while the rest of the class did well. gahh. but thankfully i was able to get my act together and fight. Thank god maths went okay today. (: I found it quite okay actually, while some of my classmates were lamenting about how tough the paper was. and my history got A1 too! and probably mr lim is going to change my marks from 15 to 17 cause he marked wrongly! (:

I'd Lie by Taylor Swift! <3


Saturday, August 22, 2009

today was, bad. Chinese was the worst thing ever, i did really really badly. ): don't want to talk about it. But its certainly a wake up call, and hopefully, it isn't too late. cause i really need to improve on my chinese.

So much work and so little time lately. I've been having so much things to do lately, and it just seems like i have so little time. I guess its because i require too much sleep. Its like its 12.30am now, and its counted like really really late for me cause i need a lot of sleep. I'll probably die in school tmr. ): But thankfully we only have one important lesson tmr, chemistry. oh that reminds me, i have one more piece of work to do, physics. Argh. thought i could sleep earlier. sigh.

I really hope i can have the strength to make it through this one, cause i have to.

This one's for you.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Crazier - Taylor Swift

I've never gone with the wind
Just let it flow
Let it take me where it wants to go
Til' you opened the door
And there's so much more
I'd never seen it before
I was tryin' to fly but I couldn't find wings
But you came along and changed everything

You lift my feet off the ground
You spin me around
You make me crazier crazier
Feels like I'm falling and I
I'm lost in your eyes
You make me Crazier Crazier Crazier

I watched from a distance as you
Made life your own
Every sky was your own kind of blue
And I wanted to know how that would feel
And you made it so real
You showed me something that I couldn't see
You opened my eyes and you made me believe

You lift my my feet off the ground
You spin me around
You make me crazier crazier
Feels like I'm falling and I
I'm lost in your eyes
You make me crazier crazier crazier


Baby you showed me what livin' is for
I don't wanna hide anymore
Oh Ohh

You lift my feet off the ground
You spin me around
You make me crazier crazier
Feels like I'm fallin and I
I'm lost in your eyes
You make me crazier crazier crazier
Crazier Crazier


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Haven't posted for more than a week!

Firstly, i want to wish Felipe Massa a quick recovery. His injury is really serious, but thankfully he's out of intensive care today and should be able to be back to racing next year. I really hope to see him behind the wheel of a Ferrari car soon. (:

These few days have been really hectic and i have an even more hectic week ahead, and hectic WEEKS ahead too. My to-do list is growing exponentially, for some reason, and from having not much work last weekend, i'm loaded with work for this one. At least 20 things to do in the near future, and some of them are crazily tough to do. Argh. But i'll try my best to stay strong through it all, cause that's all that matters (:

Exams are coming up soon! I really want to get all the ACE and HRP and lunwen and stuff over and done with, cause i really need to start studying. Looking forward to studying hard, cause i really want to do well for this year's eoys (:


Friday, July 31, 2009

300th Post!
Its the 300th post on this blog! :D hahaha 300 posts in one and a half years, not bad! (:

Its been a tiring week. Projects' Day, Physics Test, Training. But TGIF! :D Projects' Day went brilliant, presentation and everything was great :D Physics test too, so far i've only lost a mark and a half, which is great cause then i have 5 marks to lose on carelessness (which HOPEFULLY, will not happen (: ) :D And TRAINING'S FINALLY STARTED :D omg yes hahaha (: finally i get to play tennis often :D

Started to Twitter! go check my twitter page out: :D Its really quite fun since i get to twitter from like anywhere through sms! :D

I have to start mugging and doing my ace and op, both of which are screwed. If i don't, then my eoys are probably going to screw up as well. Taking it really seriously this year, because i want to do well and get at least an OSA, if not better (: Crossing my fingers! (:

Its late, and i'm tired from a week of well, five tiring days. Night! (:

You lift my feet off the ground,
and spin me around;
You make me crazier, crazier.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Nicholas Tan
Hwa Chong Institution
13thSLC OT :D
14slc deFACto :D
8th Proed Council
35th High School Council
HCI Tennis :D

Manchester United! :D
Scuderia Ferrari :D
Federer! (:
Jonas Brothers (:
Miley Cyrus (:
Demi Lovato (:
Jesse McCartney (:
David Cook (:

A Little Bit Longer [Jonas Brothers]
Don't Forget [Demi Lovato]
David Archuleta [David Archuleta]
Departure [Jesse McCartney]
Fearless [Taylor Swift] iPod Video
More/Better Tennis!
Numb3rs Seasons 1,2,3,4,5
CSI:Miami Seasons 1,2,3,4,5,6
MSG <2.0


2G'07 6B'05 Andrea Amanda Alvin Binglin Benjamin Cedric Chiehloong Cynthia Dennis Dominic Elaine Engway Ervin Galvin Goh Id Gordon Gregory HanQuan Hanying Hazel Huiyao Izumi Jiexuan Jingkai Jo-Ann Jonseng Julian Kaiyuan Kristin Krystal Kwang Ming Liting Marissa Natalee Priscilla Qifan Sean Sandra Sarah Shanice Sherman Ryan Tianci Timng Timtam Veronica Wayne YangCheng YiJing Yiying YongHwee Yongjie YongZhi Zhibin Zhiyi

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